• Emergency First Response & O2 Administration

Emergency First Response & O2 Administration

Don’t Just Stand There!

Our emergency first response course provides you with the training and knowledge you need to act as a first responder in a medical emergency. In this flexible dive program, you can choose which subjects you want to learn about, including primary assessment, first aid, CPR and primary stabilization techniques. You can also learn about oxygen administration in diving emergencies and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) basics. Using a combination of academic sessions and practical training scenarios, this program will give you the tools and confidence you need for emergency response. By the time you are certified, you will be able to act as an emergency first responder, provide first aid and CPR, administer oxygen and provide AED support in a medical emergency. Earn your SSI React Right specialty certification. Get started today!
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What you can expect to learn

Our approach is to build your confidence and increase your willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency. Most applications of first aid/CPR are done for family members. While this course is specifically tailored to SCUBA diving & SCUBA emergency mitigation, we will cover the following topics which are applicable to emergencies above the water line as well:

  • BLS (Basic Life Support), CPR, and rescue breathing at the layperson level
  • AED (automated external defibrillator) use (optional)
  • Preventing and caring for shock
  • Spinal injury management
  • Use of barriers to reduce disease transmission risk
  • Basic first aid and first aid kit considerations
  • Emergency O2 administration

Course Equipment Requirements

Each student will be responsible for providing the following:

  • Pocket mask

When enrolled in a course with SCDC you will receive a 10% student discount on all gear purchases in store. 

Course Prerequisites

Desire to help others. No minimum age.

How do I get Started?

Independent Study allows you to learn at your own speed and when your schedule permits. The classroom sessions with the instructor focus on the skill development and practice scenarios.

With your instructor you will receive hands-on experience performing CPR, learn to apply bandages and splints, practice handling a possible spinal injury, and improve your first aid skills.

What is the next step?

Now you can provide First Aid in an emergency, what is next?

  1. Become a Rescue Diver
  2. Develop your skills with a specialty courses
  3. Get more diving experience
  4. Learn how to become a MASTER Scuba Diver

What’s Included?

This course includes all e-learning educational materials, excellent guidance by one of our instructors, use of our CPR dummies, and your e-certification card. 

How long will this take?

E-learning can take between 2 & 4 hours to complete. The in person practical session is around 4-5 hours long.  

How much is the course?


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