Why Service Your Gear?:

We view SCUBA gear in the same way that an astronaut views their life-support equipment & spacesuit. Our brave astronauts are just as incapable of surviving in a vacuum as we are at surviving underwater. Your SCUBA equipment allows you to enjoy the underwater world. Your regulator is a complex piece of equipment that has a specific service interval, as outlined by the manufacturer, which is meant to keep it in tip-top shape and allow that piece of equipment to perform for many years. A properly cleaned and maintained regulator can keep you in water for many years.


Regulator Inspection Service: IP testing, physical inspection, breathing resistance testing, hose quality, and overall cleanliness.

Regulator Overhaul Services: We break each stage down, clean in our Nitrox safe solution (all regulators are cleaned in the same solution free of charge), replace all silicone O-rings & components as dictated by the manufacturer, replace any parts that are not in serviceable condition, inspect & clean hoses, assemble regulator stages, test each stage, and tune to manufacturer specifications.

BCD Inspection Service: Did your uncle just give you a BCD? Bring it to us and we will perform an inspection and provide you with our professional recommendations.

BCD Overhaul Service: We remove the inflator hose and break down the components, clean & condition the BCD bladder, breakdown and replace any serviceable parts in the flat dumps, replace O-rings and any items that need repair in the inflator hose, assemble the entire BCD & test each component.

*The average service turnaround is 48 to 72 hours. The volume of service requests may increase the time to complete the work. Please let us know if you have a trip coming up that will create deadline that needs to be met.

*We recommend each item that has been serviced be tested in a confined water environment (pool, etc.) prior to use on a paying dive to ensure that it is tuned to your liking. You are welcome to join us during any pool session we have scheduled. We will tune your regulator for free after service, to ensure your comfort and enjoyment underwater.


Aqualung Regulator Annual Inspection $40.00
Aqualung/ Mares Regulator Service Without Octo (Plus Parts) $55.00
Aqualung/ Mares Regulator Service With Octo (Plus Parts) $66.00
Non Aqualung/ Mares Regulators (Plus Parts) $88.00


BCD Overhaul (Plus Parts) $27.50
BCD Overhaul with Inflator Reg (Plus Parts) $41.00
BCD Inspection $10.00


Aluminum Hydro* $40
Aluminum Hydro Package $60
Steel Hydro* $50
Steel Hydro Package $70
Visual Inspection* $15
Valve Rebuild* $30
Valve O2 Cleaning $42
Tank O2 Cleaning $55
Tank Tumble $55
Assemble/Disassemble Double $50

Aluminum Hydro Package includes Air Fill and items marked * $32 Savings 

Steel Hydro Package includes Air Fill and items marked * $32 Savings

Nitrox Fills are extra**

80'S & 100'S $7 $10
HP 80 $9 $12
HP 100 $12 $14
HP 120   $16



Battery & Rush Service

Service Price
Battery Change  $27.50 +battery cost
Equipment Assembly
(Free when purchased in store)
Rush Service (24 hour turnaround gauranteed) $50.00

Service Information:

*The average service turnaround is 48 to 72 hours. The volume of service requests may increase the time to complete the work.

*Due to supply chain issues currently affecting many industries, there may be delays in getting parts for your equipment. We will keep you informed about getting replacement gear and repair parts when they are backordered.

*All valves are inspected and lubricated during VIP process. If a valve is found to be non-serviceable it will be cleaned, and any parts needed for repair will be included in addition to the VIP charge. We will always contact you to authorize any repairs prior to completing them.