International Dive Travel Trips

By Lori Sauer IN International Dive Travel Trips

Sep 05, 2023

International Scuba Diving Trips  Dear Scuba Diving Enthusiast, We are excited to announce some amazing international scuba diving trips that are coming up. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, these destinations offer some of the.. Read More

Joining a Dive Club: Benefits and Perks

By Lori Sauer IN Joining a Dive Club: Benefits and Perks

Aug 01, 2023

Joining a Dive Club: Benefits and Perks Are you a passionate diver looking to enhance your diving experience? Joining a dive club might just be the missing piece in your puzzle. Dive clubs offer numerous benefits and perks that can take your diving s.. Read More

Importance of Servicing Dive Equipment

By Lori Sauer IN Importance of Servicing Dive Equipment

Jun 30, 2023

Diving is an amazing sport that allows you to explore the underwater world and discover its beauty and diversity. But diving also requires proper equipment and maintenance to ensure your safety and enjoyment. In this blog post, I will share with you .. Read More

Continued Education in Diving

By Lori Sauer IN Continued Education in Diving

Jun 05, 2023

Continuing Education In Scuba Diving If you love scuba diving, you might be wondering how to keep your skills sharp and learn new techniques. The answer is simple: continued education. Continued education in scuba diving is not only fun and rewarding.. Read More

Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

By Lori Sauer IN Health benefits of scuba diving

May 20, 2023

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to improve your health and well-being? If so, you might want to consider scuba diving! Scuba diving is not only a thrilling adventure, but also a great way to boost your physical and mental health. Here are .. Read More