Gear and Tank Rental Membership Program

Rent as often as you like!

24 hour Rental period at a time

Longer time frame needed? Special circumstances on a case by case.

Just let us know.


Full Set of Gear Rental Monthly Membership 


BCD, Regulator w/Computer, Wetsuit, Weight, and 2 Tanks Air (upcharge for Nitrox)


Tank Rental Monthly Membership- Aluminum 80's

Air- $50.00

Nitrox- $75.00



24 hr Gear Rental Pricing (without membership)

BCD- $17.50

Regulator- $20.00

Regulator w/computer- $25.00

Wetsuit- $14.00

Weight- $2.00 per pound

24 hr Tank Rental (without membership)

Air- $12.00

Nitrox- $17.00